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How to log in to a SharePoint site as a particular user with server-side code

I needed to integrate content from a back-end system with an anonymous, public SharePoint site. The back-end system came with web parts for the purpose, but trusted that SharePoint had authenticated the user and simply pulled that logon name to … Continue reading

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Open a SharePoint document library in Windows Explorer

Document libraries are a SharePoint feature that for many people looks and works just like a fileshare or “network drive”. Of course you are accessing it through a browser, so while functional, the SharePoint pages are somewhat limiting if you … Continue reading

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Displaying the real SharePoint error

I am picking up some coding for SharePoint at work again and starting to remember all the stuff I forgot. :-P You have to love SharePoint error messages. For example, “an error has occurred”. I’m all for not intimidating the … Continue reading

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SharePoint content deployment woes

A little Google searching for issues related to MOSS content deployment will quickly reveal this as a buggy (to be kind) SharePoint feature. I personally have had a lot of frustration trying to use it. The good news is that … Continue reading

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How to copy an assembly from the GAC

The Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC) is where our developers have been putting shared components for SharePoint web applications. It is a rather vague and somewhat virtual place on the hard drive, usually thought to be located at %windir%\assembly, which … Continue reading

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Eliminating DCOM errors

I recently encountered a DCOM error repeating numerous times in the event logs on a SharePoint server, which eventually led to a resolution I am about to explain. But DCOM errors are certainly not exclusive to SharePoint, and I have … Continue reading

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Applying SSL to a SharePoint Central Admin site

By default, SharePoint will install the Central Administration web application to run over ordinary unsecured HTTP but on a random IP port. It is generally a Good Idea ™ to run using SSL/HTTPS instead. To do so, there are two … Continue reading

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