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How to log in to a SharePoint site as a particular user with server-side code

I needed to integrate content from a back-end system with an anonymous, public SharePoint site. The back-end system came with web parts for the purpose, but trusted that SharePoint had authenticated the user and simply pulled that logon name to … Continue reading

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Open a SharePoint document library in Windows Explorer

Document libraries are a SharePoint feature that for many people looks and works just like a fileshare or “network drive”. Of course you are accessing it through a browser, so while functional, the SharePoint pages are somewhat limiting if you … Continue reading

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Displaying the real SharePoint error

I am picking up some coding for SharePoint at work again and starting to remember all the stuff I forgot. :-P You have to love SharePoint error messages. For example, “an error has occurred”. I’m all for not intimidating the … Continue reading

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Setting a scheduled task process priority

I have been testing some long-running processes running over night, initiated from the Windows Server 2008 Task Scheduler. To my chagrin, they were still running when I checked them in the morning. I found out the default task priority for … Continue reading

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No wallpaper slows Windows 7 startup

It used to be that having wallpaper was thought to slow down Windows startup. For Windows 7, they thought they’d try something different. Now if you have no wallpaper, just a solid color, you can wait on the Welcome screen … Continue reading

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Active Directory attributes for your scripts

Do you write scripts to interact with Active Directory? I think you’ll appreciate this diagram. It maps attribute names to the Active Directory “Users and Computers” GUI. I find this much easier than digging through AD/LDAP schema documentation.

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Moving a SQL Server 2005 transaction log

Since I don’t do this very often, I always have to refresh my memory on the process. It is easily found via your favorite search engine, but since part of my reason for this blog is to consolidate the places … Continue reading

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