32-bit Remote Desktop in Windows 2008

I find 16-bit color desktops cause me more eyestrain than 32-bit, so I wanted my Windows Server 2008 remote desktops in all their 32-bit glory. By default, they are limited to 16-bit but this is easily remedied. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Terminal Services Configuration (or Start > Run > tsconfig.msc), right-click the connection under Connections and select Properties, and select the Client Settings tab. Color Depth probably has Limit Maximum Color Depth checked and 16 bits per pixel in the dropdown. Uncheck it, or change the dropdown to 32 bits per pixel. Click OK and you’ll likely get a dialog about how this won’t change the current session. So close that and log off and back on, making sure your client is set to use 32 bits. You should now have a 32-bit display depth and a little less eyestrain.

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